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Hi team, I did a PR (Replace sanitize-html with dompurify by shyngysnurzhan · Pull Request #12061 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub). Could you check it please?


I am interested in Open Source and opening PRs to contribute to the core of Airbyte. I have done the “quick start” and:

git clone /airbytehq/airbyte.git
cd airbyte
docker-compose up

I have worked with making changes to the java code and React code. I am not seeing the changes that I am making with the code on the localhost:8000. It appears that the java code needs to be recompiled. Do I need to restart one of the containers in Docker such as air byte-webapp? Is there a way to check out immediate changes being made? Thank you.

Hey could you post this question over our github? So that team can get back to you