Airbyte Monitoring improvment


Following this thread I did manage to export airbyte metrics in my prometheus instance.

It was not that easy as the documentation is rather light and it misses some steps.

I can make a PR to improve the doc & also add the missing part in the docker-compose / helm charts to be able to export metrics

Is it interesting for you ?


Hey thanks for checkout this with us. I suggest you create a github issue so that team can comment on it

Absolutely @lucienfregosi

Hi @lucienfregosi
Can you please share how did you do it…
Because I’m not getting the metrics in Prometheus dashboard
It would be great if you share the steps that is missing in the documentation

Hi @demo_demo

I will take the time. Keep you posted


I opend a PR with a concrete example. Let me know if it works on your side.

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Not with Prometheus, but if any is looking to monitor Airbyte with dbt and Metabase directly on top of the Postgres DB. Not for production use cases, but could be if you replicate the data from Airbyte. Everything is documented on Airbyte Monitoring with dbt and Metabase, or the code is added to the open-data-stack repo on GitHub.