Campaign Manager 360 source connector

Email: Please let us know in the comments if you can do the job and also get us a sandbox account, so we can keep testing the connector. Then we’ll advise!

Connector interested in (URL): Campaign Manager 360 (Campaign Manager 360 API  |  Google Developers)
Specific APIs to develop: all!

All available columns or a subset of columns? Yes
How much $ for this connector to be built? $5,000 only if you give us access to a sandbox account so we can continuously test this connector. We’re not interested if you can’t provide the sandbox account.

Hi Kortx,

We will be able to build the connector for you. And also provide a sandbox account.

If you’d like to progress we can setup a call and discuss further.


Steve - I sent you a direct message containing my contact info. Please confirm receipt when you have moment. Thanks

Yes I have it. Apologies Ive been off today. Will send slots throu for next week over the weekend.