Create a new connector automatically importing OpenAPI specification of API REST compatible product

One of the main stoppers for people to use the product is if they need to get data from a product that don’t have already a connector builded.
Not every body has the neccesary Python skills to build a connector, and that do that some people go away from Airbyte, to find another product that is more easy to get data into from any source.
I saw in other products of this kind that is common to have a process that can import a OpenAPI definition, creation a connector/source automatically.
Anybody think that is a good idea? For me is a perfect additional feature for Airbyte, and can increase the number of connectors dramatically.


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Hey thanks for the insight. We are working extensively to make the connector development process as easy as possible. We are also launching low-code cdk which is in beta where you don’t need coding skills to make a connector.

You can look at it here Also, feel free to create an issue in github so that team can comment on it.