Exact Online source connector

Name: Wisse
Email: wisse@vrowl.nl

Connector interested in (URL): ExactOnline Source integration. API Docs: (Exact Online REST API - Reference documentation)
Specific APIs to develop: All API endpoints as Full refresh, The Batch, Sync and Deleted endpoints can be used as incremental sources
Expected Inputs: For now we need to be able to provide access and refresh tokens. These tokens are rotating so we need to provide some kind of external storage (for example Azure Blob storage) to store these rotating credentials. See limitations in Exact online OAuth docs
All available columns or a subset of columns? All items in reference documentation. A sample developers organization can be registered here
How much $ for this connector to be built? Offers are welcome

We’ve created a custom connector in-house

Hi Wisse, I would love to know how you have set up the connector for Exact Online. Would you be willing to share this?

Hi nhubbers,

Currently the image is very tailored towards our use-case. But feel free to use it: by adding wissejelgersma/source-exact-online to your airbyte connectors.

Basically you will need to register an app in exact to get the app key and secret (use a localhost redirect url), and create an Azure Blob storage SAS link for the connector to store the exact rotating refresh token.

Then, when testing the source connection, you will get a URL in the error message. Go to this url to complete the Exact login. You will then be redirected to your localhost redirect url with the access code needed in the connector. This code will most likely contain a html encoded ‘!’ character which you need to replace manually.