Fields being dropped in connector builder despite adding them to declared schema

Jumping in here. <@U04MYMQSB16> I followed up over email, but I think the problem you are experiencing is because that particular field is null in all situations. You should be able to add it manually to the schema, and I’d type it appropriately, such as string/null. You still won’t see it in the builder, but when you deploy the connection you should see it in the actual Connection

RESOLVED: For those who may come across this in the future…

  1. As <@U03J5PRE5RB> :point_up: pointed out, the issue was due to having fields with null values: fields with 100% null values or fields with majority null values (the data seen by testing has all null values).
  2. You will not be able to see the fields manually added in Builder’s declared schema while testing. These fields, however, will show once you setup the Connections under &lt;destination schema&gt; (see the respective stream under the Replication tab of your connector)

Thank you again for all your help, <@U03J5PRE5RB>