Issue with Airbyte API creating connection from BigQuery to PostgreSQL


Error message ‘Submitted value could not be found: null’ when adding tables to connection configuration


I’m having an issue with the Airbyte API when trying to create a connection from BigQuery to PostgreSQL. The error message I’m getting is: {"detail":"Submitted value could not be found: null","type":"<>","title":"value-not-found","status":400}.

As a note, the table exists in the dataset. I can create a connection without any tables, but when I try to add tables, I get this error.

Here is my configuration:

import requests

url = "<>"

payload = {
    "configurations": { "streams": [
            "syncMode": "full_refresh_overwrite",
            "name": "dbo_table1_BQ",
    ] },
    "schedule": { "scheduleType": "manual" },
    "dataResidency": "auto",
    "namespaceDefinition": "source",
    "namespaceFormat": None,
    "nonBreakingSchemaUpdatesBehavior": "ignore",
    "sourceId": "68d42fba-c9da-4550-8149-817af0ea8389",
    "destinationId": "53c8be4c-97d7-4c08-bc88-bc6f957c54eb",
    "name": "Bigquery-to-Postgres_prueba",
    "status": "active"
headers = {
    "accept": "application/json",
    "content-type": "application/json"

response = <|>(url, json=payload, headers=headers, auth=('airbyte', 'airbyte'))

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