Oracle Netsuite Analytics source connector

Name: The Airbyte Team
Contact: Please let us know in the comments if you can do the job and also get us a sandbox account, so we can keep testing the connector. Then we’ll advise!

Connector interested in (URL): NetSuite Analytics & Reporting BI Tools | NetSuite
Specific APIs to develop: all!

All available columns or a subset of columns? Yes
How much $ for this connector to be built? $2,000 only if you give us access to a sandbox account so we can continuously test this connector. We’re not interested if you can’t provide the sandbox account.


John - The SLATE team can take care of this one. Nate will reach out with progress.

That would be awesome, especially if you can provide us a sandbox account to continuously test it.

EDIT: the Slate team was acquired by Prefect (very happy for them). So they were not able to build that connector. And we’re still willing to pay for it!