Postgres->Postgres: source cannot be stopped!

Hello airbyte. I am giving your product a first spin using the web interface. Data from a tiny schema transfers without errors, but a schema with more tables/data gets the following error:

“Additional Failure Information: io.airbyte.workers.general.DefaultReplicationWorker$SourceException: Source cannot be stopped!”

I am doing a Postgres->Postgres replication. I have tried overwriting the destination data, appending, and incremental without dups. All get the same error. The source is an on-prem db and the destination is in AWS.
It sort of seems the data has transferred. I have not done exhaustive tests. What might this indicate? Fwiw my schema has about 300 tables, all identical in structure. My logs are attached.
logs-447490.txt (5.5 MB)

It seems other people ran into a similar issue: Sync job fails/retries itself after successfully transferring all the data. · Issue #5870 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

I have about 300 tables, 17GB of records, 158 million records

I have a larger dataset that I have held off replicating. I don’t like the idea of the connection trying this more than once and failing even if the data is successfully copied