Salesforce UnicodeDecodeError

@i-zaykov and @wisse can you test latest version of Salesforce 1.0.7? This should be fixed: Encoding is ISO-8859-1 by girarda · Pull Request #12552 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

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1.0.7 works for my salesforce → snowflake connection. Thanks for the update! @marcosmarxm

@marcosmarxm This fixes the error, but breaks a lot of characters in the output since this encoding is incorrect for the majority of Salesforce instances.

For example I added ‘间单的说 :ringer_planet:’ in an opportunity’s description. The Airbyte source now converts this to ‘éÂ�´åÂ�Â�çÂ�Â�说 ðÂ�ªÂ�’

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