Support for k8s 1.24+

We’re starting planning for upgrading our kubernetes cluster to version 1.24 and realized that airbyte isn’t compatible quite yet. In k8s 1.24, bound service account tokens become required (introduced in 1.21), as the legacy service account token has been deprecated for a few versions. Airbyte is affected since the k8s library used hasn’t been upgraded with support for handling service account token expirations: Support for the expiration of the token · Issue #2112 · fabric8io/kubernetes-client · GitHub

Is there a reason that airbyte is using the fabric8io client, rather than the official k8s client? I can’t find an official doc/changelog entry for it, but I’m assuming/hoping that the official client (GitHub - kubernetes-client/java: Official Java client library for kubernetes) has support for this feature.

What is the current Airbyte roadmap for addresing this limitation? Is the current plan to wait for fabric8io to add support for this?

Relevant docs:

I created Github issue to implement this. Any updates I’ll return to you.