Troubleshooting Unexpected Error in Airbyte Platform

thanks for the help, ill ping again if the upgrade didnt help, perhaps its time to run a patched version of airbyte platform.

We use a patched version and i must say - that’s a lot of pain :smile:

I’m very tired of merging with upstream. In the moment i’m trying to move to upstream

So be careful with this decision :slightly_smiling_face:

it will be a temporary solution


I have a question. Do you, by any chance, use Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)?
We want to debug the problem a little. So I want to localize it (we use AKS btw)

We use our own k8s cluster within Hetzner, at the end of the day the solution was finding a node that had network problems (the vswitch network was failing sometimes), by removing the node and adding a new one we solved our problem. We found the bad node by observing all the etcd logs in all instances.