Updating Schema via API doesn't persist

Updating the source schema spec via the API

NOTE: also when you change the Replication frequency in the UI, it also seems to overwrite the manually set schema via the API

What’s worse is that reset will actually create the final table with the original schema, so even if you create a new schema via the API. the final tables in snowflake are incorrect so there will be a normalization error from SCD to final

Daniel sorry to hear that, as far I remember it is not possible to change the schema using the API (sorry to not remember the reason though). I asked the team if that have changed in latest version.

Is that documented somewhere? Why does that endpoint exist then?

You can update the connection, but only the schema won’t persist.

That seems silly/misleading. Any plans to change that? I could’ve sworn users have been doing this for a while

how does one update the schema? and if not then this issue becomes more pressing

Daniel I’m waiting team answer to this issue.

Confirming: today is only possible to update/use the schema in the discover schema operation

Hi @marcosmarxm, could you explain the steps needed to update the schema using discover schema api? Many thanks

Running the discover schema endpoint will run the discover step in the connector. You can’t overwrite the values generated by this process.