User management & OAuth authentication

Foreword : I’m quite a newbie in the Airbyte community, therefore sorry in advance if this post is wrongly tagged or should deserve its GitHub issue.

The question of having a authentication portal and user management for Airbyte isn’t new if I check this issue about how to implement Google Auth : Add user management and login screen · Issue #3583 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

I would like to know if there’s a OAuth setup in Airbyte in order to plug other ways of authentication, like the open-source tool Keycloack.

I searched in the documentation but didn’t find any trace, so if someone went through similar problems it would be awesome to share the troubleshooting :smile:

Hey @Dynnammo,
Welcome to the community!
Airbyte does not yet offer any authentication or single sign-on mechanism on its open-source version out of the box at the moment.
We wrote this documentation for suggestions on how to secure access to your Airbyte instance.
If you want to use KeyCloack I think you could secure the access to Airbyte using a keycloak-gatekeeper client in front of your Airbyte instance.
I found the following tutorial that might be helpful for setting this up.
Let me know if it could be an appropriate solution for you and if you are willing to try this.
Your feedback would be very valuable for the community because it’s not a solution we’ve been suggesting yet.

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Thanks for your answer, I think I’ll go through the keycloack-gatekeeper protocol, since we try at our company to get rid of Google services.
I may try to do this in the followings, if it works I’ll post back it here. Warm thanks again !

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