Adding end date to low-code connector


Add functionality to low-code connector to calculate ‘end date’ as ‘config[‘from’] + timedelta(30 days)’


Hello team!
Is it possible to add to low-code connector “end date” that is equal to config[“from”] + timedelta (30 days)?
something like this
type: HttpRequester
url_base: “
http_method: “GET”
type: BearerAuthenticator
api_token: “{{ config[‘access_token’] }}”
from: “{{ config[‘from’] }}”
to: “{{ config[‘from’]+ daydelta(30) }}”
timezone: “{{ config[‘timezone’] }}”
accept: “text/csv”

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`["low-code-connector", "end-date", "config", "timedelta"]`

<@U033JKD3W8G>, can you assist me? I’m trying to use dates from the config. I understand it’s possible with now_utc(), but I’m unsure if it works with macros that typically return string values like datetime_format

Some examples I got from the codebase are:
datetime: "{{ config.get('start_date') or day_delta(-3650, '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ') }}"

<@U01MMSDJGC9> thank you for your reply! <@U033JKD3W8G> can you please check the previous message :pray: