Adding MongoDB as a source in Airbyte with SSL/TLS error


When trying to connect MongoDB as a source in Airbyte without SSL/TLS configuration, encountering a timeout error related to SSL handshake termination.


I want to add mongodb as source in airbyte
I can connect with mongodb compass
and in mongod.conf doesnt have any config for ssl/tls I use open source airbyte that use docker but mongodb isnt use docker,
the airbyte config is default and I don`t change that
I get error:

error: Timed out after 30000 ms while waiting for a server that matches ReadPreferenceServerSelector{readPreference=primary}. Client view of cluster state is {type=REPLICA_SET, servers=[{address=, type=UNKNOWN, state=CONNECTING, exception={com.mongodb.MongoSocketWriteException: Exception sending message}, caused by {| Remote host terminated the handshake}, caused by { SSL peer shut down incorrectly}}]

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It’s not supported. We tried to fork connector and build our version - that somewhat works, but it’s a pain to maintain

Thank you <@U06C0U2DU1M>
the repository that you said is only for mongodb atlas?
I can`t use that for mongodb community?
and the last question is there any way to connect airbyte to mongodb community?

yes you can use different mongodb. mongo sources from airbyte works both with Atlas and with community. you just need to switch to "Self-Managed replica set " in connection ui and provide own mongo uri.
Problem is that this connector is hardcoded with tls=true so you cannot use it for non-ssl mongo. I have this problem so I cloned the connector.

<@U06C0U2DU1M>, I think this is a common error which all mongodb user facing. Could you please guide us or give us the steps how you overcome it. It would be very helpful.