Adding new connector with Python CDK to Airbyte


Inquiring about the possibility of adding a new connector to Airbyte using Python CDK


hi, is it still possible to add a new connector with python cdk to airbyte ?

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Yes, it is still possible to add a new connector with Python CDK to Airbyte. However, please note that Airbyte has announced that over the next few months, the project will only accept connector contributions that are made using the Low-Code CDK or the Connector Builder. New pull requests made with the Python CDK will be closed, but the Airbyte team will inquire to understand why it wasn’t done with Low-Code/Connector Builder so they can address missing features. This decision is aimed at improving maintenance and providing a larger catalog with high-quality connectors. You can continue to use the Python CDK to build connectors to help your company or projects. If you have any issues with troubleshooting or want to learn more about the CDK from the Airbyte team, you can head to the Connector Development section of the Airbyte Forum to inquire further. If you are self-hosting Airbyte (OSS), you can use the Custom Connector feature which allows you to run any Docker container that implements the Airbyte protocol. If you are using Airbyte Cloud (or OSS), you can submit a PR to add your connector to the Airbyte repository. Once the PR is merged, the connector will be available to all Airbyte Cloud users. Please note that when submitting an Airbyte connector, you will need to ensure that the connector passes the CAT suite, the metadata.yaml file (created by the generator) is filled out and valid, and you have created appropriate documentation for the connector. Sources: - Python CDK - Adding the connector to the API/UI