Airbyte-Db Invalid

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • Deployment: Kubernetes Deployment
  • Airbyte Version: * 0.35.28-alpha
  • Source name/version: N/A
  • Destination name/version: N/A
  • Step: This is an error that happens with the airbyte server once deployed.
  • Description: We have deployed airbyte to kubernetes via Flux. Encountering this error log. Not entirely sure what configs to change here
    "level": "error",
    "ts": "2022-09-06T15:26:01.476Z",
    "logger": "controller.kustomization",
    "msg": "Reconciliation failed after 6.458817778s, next try in 5m0s",
    "reconciler group": "",
    "reconciler kind": "Kustomization",
    "name": "vts-airbyte",
    "namespace": "flux-system",
    "revision": "master/14fc87fd63ae8d346da69b59f1faf62d1f5dfcfc",
    "error": "Deployment/airbyte/airbyte-db dry-run failed, reason: Invalid, error: Deployment.apps \"airbyte-db\" is invalid: spec.strategy.rollingUpdate: Forbidden: may not be specified when strategy `type` is 'Recreate'\n"

KevinPhan can you upgrade to latest version of Airbyte?

Yeah that seemed to have solved the problem, Thanks!

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