Airbyte giving "localhost refused to connect error" while visiting http://localhost:8000/

We followed the steps provided in the url Local Deployment | Airbyte Documentation to run Airbyte in ou local system. We were able to complete all the steps but while visiting the url : Local Deployment | Airbyte Documentation its giving refused to connect error.

We are planning to do a POC on Airbyte and if it works we will posiiton the tool to be used for data migration at the enterprise level.

Please give more context how are you deployment Airbyte, which OS or cloud platform. Also did you check logs from the containers?

We are trying to run it in a machine having OS as Windows10. We are following the link Local Deployment | Airbyte Documentation to deploy airbyte and not able to hit the link http://localhost:8000/.

Could you please guide us the steps to check logs from containers as we are new to Docker also.

docker logs airbyte-server will output some messages from the Airbyte server.