Airbyte Installation Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting installation issues for Airbyte platform


Hi Team,
I am Yuvraj working as a data engineer. I am new to airbyte and facing a lot of issues with airbyte installation. It would be a great help if someone can help me with it.

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Hello Yuraj I can help You with airbyte installtion let me know where you are trying to deploy the airbyte

Hi Mahi,
I was trying to install the airbyte into localhost. I have already installed it now and the issue got resolved. But I want to learn how to create a custom connectors in airbyte. If you any idea regarding that, can you please help me with it.

Sorry i didn’t explored much on custom connectors yet

No problem.
I also have to learn airbyte as I am new to the tool. If you can guide me that, it will be helpful.

Wow! Just for instance, Yuvraj+Mahi
Do you play cricket guys? :smile: :dizzy:

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Yuvraj we adapted to this tool 3 months back we have multiple banking clients (ubi, icici, kotax, axis we mainly use this airbyte to sync the large volume CSV (100M to 200M ) and kafka messages to postgres cluster.

I mainly works on running the heavy sync jobs and configurations of airbyte for heavy workloads in K8’s . The start learning more you can go with official docs of airbyte.

Then I will start with the official doc and then if any issues, we can connect.
Thanks! :blush: