Airbyte job fails different number of columns originated by a double quote in csv file on s3

When using airbyte to read csv files on s3 bucket into snowflake, am having following error : source > CSV parse error: Expected 10 columns, got 12

The problem is due to some rows having only 1 quote "

Is it possible to make airbyte ignore the quote " so it can successfully load?
I have tried replacing all quotes for empty space and it loaded successfully, but the problem is that, I have hundreds of files with this " issue, so won’t be possible to do it manually for each one

Hey @epalmeira,
Do you mind sharing a sample of your CSV file?
I think you could maybe overcome your problem by tweaking the double quote setting in the source connector. Also, feel free to check the available parameters here that you can pass to the Additional Reader Options (such as quoted_strings_can_be_null or include_columns).

Hey Augustin,
I have created a sample to share here. Thanks for the support (consider the file is .csv, i was not able to upload it as csv so converted it into txt)
sample_airbyte.txt (221 Bytes)

Could you tell me what happens when you use the following configuration?

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