Airbyte V2 Snowflake Destination Table Recreation Issue


The user is facing an issue with the Airbyte V2 Snowflake destination where the table is dropped and recreated when resetting the stream, causing the Snowflake CDC stream to break. They are looking for a solution to avoid manual recreation of the table in Snowflake.


I recently upgraded to a V2 destination (Snowflake). I am using the table that Airbyte creates and inserts into as a staging table and have a Snowflake CDC Stream pointed at that Airbyte table. The problem I am now having with v2 is the Airbyte table is getting dropped and recreated any time i reset the stream in Airbyte. When the table is dropped, it breaks the Snowflake stream and needs to be manually recreated in Snowflake. Does anyone have a way around this?

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