API for programmatically checking created source credentials without connection


The user is asking about the API to validate credentials for a created source without establishing a connection.


What’s the API to programmatically check the created source to validate credentials without creating a connection?

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In the same way UI runs a check to verify the connection when Set up source button is submitted

Hi, this depends on whether u r able to programmatically able to create a source, so are you able to?

That very much feasible as there’s already API for that

on OSS I get this error - {
type: ‘https://reference.airbyte.com/reference/errors#resource-not-found’,
detail: ‘Could not find a resource for: 2c255917-13aa-413f-bc92-f230f9ecf994’,
title: ‘resource-not-found’,
status: 400

could you please tell if you are using cloud or open source OSS version?

We generally don’t recommend using the config API (<https://docs.airbyte.com/api-documentation|outlined here>), mostly because it’s more prone to change. That said, <https://airbyte-public-api-docs.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/rapidoc-api-docs.html#post-/v1/sources/check_connection_for_update|this config API endpoint> or <https://airbyte-public-api-docs.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/rapidoc-api-docs.html#post-/v1/sources/check_connection|this one> sounds like what you’re looking for.