Appending second parameter to every request in Easy Builder


How to append a second parameter to every request in Easy Builder without specifying it in every stream


hi. using the easy builder, how do i append a second parameter to every request without needing to specify it in every stream? the auth is query param api key, but there are 2 keys.

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, to append a second parameter to every request without needing to specify it in every stream, especially when dealing with authentication via query parameters (like an API key), you would typically configure this at a global level in your connector’s settings. However, the extracts do not directly address the scenario of using two keys as part of the query parameters for authentication in a global configuration context. For authentication and setting up global configurations, the closest relevant extract is from the section on setting up global configuration. It mentions setting the base URL and selecting the “API Key” authentication method, where you set the “Header” to apikey. This is specifically for the case where the API key is passed as a header, not as a query parameter, and it does not cover the scenario of using two keys: markdown - Set the base URL to `<>` - Select the "API Key" authentication method - Set the "Header" to `apikey` (Source: Setting up global configuration) For your specific case, where you need to append two query parameters (api_id and api_key) to every request, the provided extracts do not offer a direct solution. The extracts discuss custom parameter injection and making streams configurable, but these are more focused on stream-level configurations rather than global-level configurations that apply to all streams. Given the lack of direct information in the extracts about appending multiple query parameters globally across all streams using the UI builder, I recommend consulting the Airbyte documentation or community forums for more specific guidance on handling dual query parameters for authentication at a global level. The Airbyte documentation and forums can be a valuable resource for finding solutions to more complex or unique configuration scenarios. For further exploration and possibly finding a solution to your query, you might want to check the Airbyte documentation or ask the community for help: - Airbyte Documentation: - Airbyte GitHub Discussions: - Airbyte Community Forum: