AWS deployment - getting secrets from AWS SecretsManager

I’m thinking of using Airbyte to extract data from Intercom and write to S3. To connect to Intercom, I’ll need to provide an API Token.
Is it possible to store that API Token in AWS Secret Manager? Airbyte will be installed on an EC2, and that EC2 is authorised to read the secret using its instance role.

I’ve searched around and most likely the answer is not possible. If it actually is, I thought of 2 possible solutions for me:

  • Change some Airbyte code, to, instead of reading the API Token from config, read the secret name from config, then connect to AWS SecretsManager to retrieve the actual token.
  • Create a wrapper for the code in Airbyte’s source-intercom, and write my own AWS lambda to retrieve the data.

May I have some guidance?


Hey you can follow this github issue

Thanks @harshith. I couldn’t find details about the PR made for GCP secrets. I want to know how much work needs to be done for the AWS one.

Hey would suggest you to follow up on the issue so the team working on that can reply and help you