Best method for API-based ETL pipelines in Airbyte


Exploring the best method for setting up API-based ETL pipelines in Airbyte to periodically check an API endpoint, determine data refresh necessity, and perform ETL tasks.


Hey everyone! I am new to Airbyte and have not started using it yet but instead feeling out the potentials. I am exploring the best methods to get my ETL pipelines setup and have already tried out Apache Airflow and Fivetran. The vast majority of my pipelines are API-based and essentially rely on checking a database against an API request and determining if data refresh is necessary as most of the APIs I work with at the moment don’t have any kind of webhook capabilities and so I have to do the checking myself. This was something I struggled to best workout with Airflow. Does anyone reckon Airbyte would be best used for such as use case? Put simply, I need to periodically check an API endpoint and determine whether to pull from that endpoint and perform ETL or simply wait for the next period and so on.

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