Best way to retrieve input fields for different sources in Airbyte application


The user is looking for the best way to retrieve input fields for different sources in their Airbyte application to dynamically generate forms. They mentioned that the API docs do not have an endpoint for this. They are seeking a solution to avoid manual effort and maintenance.


Hey all,

I am using ‘powered by Airbyte’ for building an application that syncs data from client’s sources. Clients are can pick from a number of sources to sync their data from.

My question is that what is the best way to get all the input fields for all the sources? We need this in our application so that we can receive correct input from the clients via a dynamic form that shows different fields for different sources. As far as I have seen, the API docs do not expose any endpoint that returns a list of fields given a source type. Doing so manually is a lot of one-time effort and even more on the maintenance side. Has anyone solved this problem?


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<@U01MMSDJGC9> Thanks for your response. In the documentation, I can only see <|Get Source Details> endpoint, which require the source to be created first. Have I overlooked any particular endpoint that you are referring to?

You can use the get source definition endpoint. It returns the connector configuration