Bigquery Destination V2 - Loading JSON Fields Instead of RECORD


Inquiring about the change in loading nested fields as JSON instead of RECORD in Bigquery destination V2


Hello everyone, I have a question regarding destination - Bigquery
I have source - shopify and I am loading orders and customers tables.
Earlier, I used to load the same tables using Bigquery denoramalized and nested fields used to load as RECORD .
Now with Bigquery I get the same fields as JSON. I want to know if this is what I should expect from Bigquery destination V2 ?
Or am I doing something wrong? (I am on v0.50.30 and the bigquery destination is on v2.3.28 )

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That is expected - only the top-level columns are made now. This saves space & cost by not making extra columns or sub-tables. JSON queriying in BigQuery is fast!

hi Evan, thanks for your response.