Browsing-output-logs on Kubernetes

We are running airbyte on GKE. To access Airbyte Workspace directories, we put this command for Kubernetes:
kubectl exec -it pod name -n namespace pod is in -c main bash"
But when we type that, we see the following error: cannot exec into a container in a completed pod; current phase is Succeeded.
If the state switches to Succeeded, we are unable to access pods. Is there a different way to access the Airbyte workspace using GKE?
Please advise

Hey @prateek,

Thanks for the question. I believe that if the pod has completed and entered the Succeeded state, it means that the container has finished running and is no longer available to be accessed via kubectl exec.

To access the Airbyte workspace directories in a completed pod, you can create a Kubernetes volume snapshot of the pod’s volumes and restore it to a new pod. You can then access the restored volumes using kubectl exec.

hey @sajarin
When trying to build a volume snapshot for a completed pod, we see two pvc names to pick from when entering the PersistentVolumeClaim:

Please advise which is the correct choice.