Building Connector Destination in Golang for Airbyte


User is building a connector destination in Golang for Airbyte and wants to know if there is an example in the repository for a destination with a language other than Python and Java. User is also asking if they should create a pull request with the Go project.


Hello, I’m building a connector destination in golang, the docker image runs the commands just like the Java example in the docs does. Is there an example in the repo of a destination with any language besides pyton and java? Should I just create the PR with the go project?

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<@U04SE163WC8> how can I get an answer from the airbyte team regarding building destinations in languages other than java and python?

Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems that the official Airbyte CDK currently supports creating destinations using Python and Java. If you want to build a destination in a language other than Python or Java, you might face some challenges as the support and documentation for other languages might not be as comprehensive. However, if you have specific questions or need assistance, there are several ways you can reach out to the Airbyte team: 1. Open an issue on GitHub: If you have a technical question or encounter a problem, you can open an issue on the Airbyte GitHub repository. This is also a good place to request explanations or additional documentation. 2. Use the Airbyte Forum: You can post your question on the Airbyte Forum. This is a community space where you can ask for help and share your experiences. 3. Join the Airbyte Slack: You can ask your question in the airbyte-help channel on Slack. This is a good place to get real-time assistance and interact with the Airbyte community. Remember to provide as much detail as possible when asking your question to help the team understand your issue and provide the best possible assistance. Sources: - Forum Post: TypeScript destinations > Answers - Tutorials > Creating a Python Destination (DuckDB) > Wrapping up

There isn’t any example besides Python or Java in the main repo.
You can maybe check how the community CDK do to help you out.