Building tables instead of nested fields in BigQuery output


The user is inquiring about the ability of Airbyte to build tables instead of nested fields in the BigQuery output for migrating a production database from MongoDB.


Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
I am working on a project of migrating a production database in mongo to a bigquery destination. I want to do the extract using airbyte.
I wonder if Airbyte was able to build tables instead of nested fields in the bigquery output ?

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No, at a time this was supported through a normalization setting, but that was deprecated with the advent of Destinations V2—the expectation is that if you need a certain shape of output, you’ll want to do that through modeling tools like dbt (which is the most popular option) or Dataform (which is free for BigQuery and integrated in the console UI).

You can either build from the normal output tables, or have Airbyte skip producing the output tables and write directly from the raw tables