Cannot dbt deps in Airbyte docker

Hi i found this article

accrding to that point we can dbt deps and use package in Airbyte dbt normalization right ? but i dont know how to dbt deps in Airbyte docker because it is containerized in docker and cloning dbt project from github.

tell me how to use dbt package in docker Airbyte ?

We do have custom DBT where you can write your own code and push it over airbyte to run. here is some documentation hope it helps

so i just define this command in dbt transformation ? @harshith

deps && dbt run --models db_replication

Hey I hope this thread helps

Hi @harshith i can’t open that link is that archived channel ?

and i cant sign in to that workspace

1. needed to run dbt deps to install dbt_utils; i had to create a new docker image with dbt_utils pre-installed since the default image does not come with it; I wonder if there’s a way to invoke dbt deps and dbt run within the same transformation in Entrypoint arguments for dbt cli to run the project2. for now it seems workaround is use custom docker image that contains the pre-installed packages but correct me if I’m wrong3. you can change heremodules-path: "/tmp/dbt_modules" # directory which will store externaltomodules-path: "../dbt_modules" # directory which will store externalso you can run dbt deps and dbt run without a custom image

You can check this small conversation

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