Cannot find video titles in YouTube Analytics

I connected to our YouTube Analytics account and already retrieved data successfully.
However, there is a column called “video_id” in all tables but I cannot find any table containing the video titles. (See the example, the “channel_basic_a2” table, as shown below)

It supposes to have a table including a list of videos so that we can join this table with other analytics tables. I just checked the YouTube API document and there is an API that can retrieve the list of videos.

Hello and welcome to the community, @crystalwanyulee! The API used in this connector is actually different form the one you linked:

It looks like for the purposes of this connector, the analytics data is retrieved purely based on the video id and the title is not needed. I don’t think it’s possible to include a stream from a different API within the connector, but I would try and find a way to retrieve the title from the API that’s already in use.

Thanks @natalyjazzviolin