Case sensitivity issue with MSSQL connection in data sync


When using MSSQL connection for source and destination in data sync, encountering a case sensitivity issue with relation names. Error message suggests renaming or deleting the ambiguous relation. User is seeking a way to make the search case sensitive.


I am currently using the MSSQL connection for source (Update Method: Scan Changes with User Defined Cursor) and destination in order to create a data sync between two machines. However, I am getting an error stating:
When searching for a relation, dbt found an approximate match. Instead of guessing

which relation to use, dbt will move on. Please delete "SnapLogicTest"."dbo"."Partnumber", or rename it to be less ambiguous.

Searched for: "SnapLogicTest"."dbo"."partnumber"

Found: "SnapLogicTest"."dbo"."Partnumber"
Both machines have the same database and same tables. However, the source machine has some data that I am trying to test the sync with. Is there a way to make the Searched for: "SnapLogicTest"."dbo"."partnumber" case sensitive (i.e. it searches for “Partnumber” instead)? I have seen several forums online stating that they have had similar issues but have yet seen a solution for this error. Thank you!

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