Changing Timezone of End Datetime in Incremental Sync in Connector Builder UI


In the Connector Builder UI, users are looking for a way to change the timezone of the end datetime in incremental sync. Currently, the end datetime defaults to the current datetime in UTC if a larger datetime value is set.


Hi, in a connector builder in UI, is there a way to change timezone of the end datetime in incremental sync?
currently, end datetime will use current datetime in utc if setting larger datetime value.

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, there is no direct mention of a feature to change the timezone of the end datetime in the incremental sync configuration in the connector builder UI. The end datetime is typically set to the current date and time when the sync is started to sync all changes that happened so far. However, you can specify the datetime format for the cursor field, which is used to decide which records are synced already and which records are “new”. This format is specified in the “Datetime format” field in the builder UI. If you need to handle special requirements that can’t be handled by the standard configuration, you can use the generic parameter section at the bottom of the stream configuration form to freely configure query parameters, headers, and properties of the JSON body, by using jinja expressions and available variables. This might allow you to manipulate the timezone, but it’s not explicitly stated in the extracts. For more detailed information, you may want to refer to the Airbyte documentation.