Connecting Airbyte DB to Cloud SQL


Struggling to connect Airbyte DB to Cloud SQL, facing issues with configuration and setup.


Could anyone help me in connect airbyte db to cloud sql, please
I’m suffering from this shit, I tried multiple ways but all failed!!! what the issue with this solution! please document well the steps!
• created instance and give cloudsqlsuperuser permissions to airbyte user
• edited the .env file to add db config and set ssl true and required
• removed airbyte/db from docker compose
• hit docker-compose up and still nothing reflect on my cloud sql and bootloader still wating and temporal is restart always!
should we ask the god to help here so!?it becomes nightmare

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Did you check this previous discussion?

Finally, it works without cloud sql proxy
the issue: I checked the docker compose logs and since my cloud sql in lowa and my local airbyte in palestine, so it was raising timeout issue
I re-allocate my cloud sql to frank. and it works good
But I will try to setup cloud sql proxy with service account file for private connection, I hope it works too

<@U01MMSDJGC9> When I connect airbyte with cloud sql postgres for first time, it didn’t migrate the local db (i.e local airbyte_data volume) to cloud sql !!
my cloud sql db now is empty, do you know if the issue there? should I use same username and password or config to migrate the data too or this process should I do it by myself?

You need to dump and ingest the database yourself here is one old guide can help you

<@U01MMSDJGC9> for migrate temporal data too, should I do same way for temproal and temporal_visibility databases or no problem if new db has empty temporal data ?