Connection State cursor change

Hi all!
Need help resolving the issue. There is a table which is huge, Create starts from 2019-01-01

I need to pour it and then continue to synchronize.
Well, because of the large data table, I wanted to pour it starting from 2023-01-01

Question: How can I change the position of the cursor to continue pouring from 2023? Or maybe there is an option how to start filling immediately from a certain date?

Connection State

    "streamDescriptor": {
      "name": "customers_data",
      "namespace": "public"
    "streamState": {
      "cursor": "2019-04-07T09:23:21.114",
      "stream_name": "customers_data",
      "cursor_field": [
      "stream_namespace": "public",
      "cursor_record_count": 1
  • using: Ubuntu, docker
  • Airbyte: 0.43.1
  • Source / Dstination: Postresql

Already done
Used: docker exec -ti airbyte-db psql -U docker -d airbyte