Copying Files AS IS from Source to Destination in Azure Blob Storage


The user is looking for a way to copy CSV files from source to destination without JSONifying the contents. They have tried using the Files and Azure Blob Storage connectors in Airbyte but are facing the issue of the data being transformed into JSON format.


Hi. Is there a way to copy files AS IS from source to destination? Currently, when I copy a CSV file test.txt from source:

John,25,New York
Emma,30,Los Angeles```
it shows up like this in the destination.
"0141053...","1708...",{"Name":"John","Age":"25","Location":"New York"}
"ee0b078...","1708...",{"Name":"Emma","Age":"30","Location":"Los Angeles"}```
 *Is there a way to simply transport the file from source to destination without changing it?* (or at least, not JSONify the contents of the original file)?

More info:
In my case, source and destination are both Azure Blob Storage.
For the source connector, I have tried both the <|Files> the <|Azure Blob Storage> with file format set to CSV, but they both yield the same result as above.



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thanks for the question Banin, I created a discussion with an answer about the topic. Feel free to ask more directly in the Discussion

Thanks for the quick response! :slightly_smiling_face: Will follow up there