Cost of self-hosting Airbyte on AWS Kubernetes


Self-hosting Airbyte on AWS Kubernetes using Helm Chart for data replication from MySQL to BigQuery. Concerns about high cost ($100-150/day) according to Kubecost.


Hi! we are happily using Airbyte Cloud for some use cases but are also trialling the self-hosted version for internal needs. We are deploying it on AWS Kubernetes using Helm Chart, with a pretty basic setup for now (only 1 source and 1 destination, but 10s of connections, replicating 10 to 100s of GBs a day from MySQL to BigQuery).
According to Kubecost, our Airbyte deployment is costing us around 100-150$ a day, which seems very expensive.
What is your experience with self-hosting Airbyte for production usage? Does this sound like an OK cost?
I’d be happy to give more detail on the resources allocated, thanks a lot!

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