Creating Java Destination Template Project


The user is looking to create a Java destination template project but is only seeing options for Python when following the instructions. They are seeking guidance on how to proceed.


Hi all I am looking to create a Java destination, however I can’t find how to create the template for a Java Destination when following the instructions here
All I see is options for Python


> airbyte-connector-generator@0.1.0 generate
> plop  

? [PLOP] Please choose a generator. 
  Python CDK Destination - Generate a destination connector based on Python CDK. 
❯ Python CDK Source - Generate a source connector based on Python CDK. 
  Low-code Source - Generate a source based on the low-code CDK. ```
Is there something that I am missing?
How do I create a Java Destination template project?
Thanks in advance



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