Custom Connector API Pagination Issue


Need to format request body for API pagination in a custom connector to include ‘param’ field with ‘nPagina’ incrementing for all pages.


Hello everyone. I am having some issues on paginating an API of a custom connector. I need to create a specific formatting of a request body on a POST like this:

“call”: “ListarMovimentos”,
“app_key”: “”,
“app_secret”: “”,
“param”: [
“nPagina”: 1,
“nRegPorPagina”: 5

Where the “nPagina” needs to increment to get all pages of the source.

Using the UI interface “Page Increment” strategy and Body JSON payload im getting this structure:

    "call": "ListarMovimentos",
    "app_key": "x",
    "app_secret": "x",
    "nRegPorPagina": 1,
    "nPagina": 5
Is ther a way to get this into the "param" field inside the request body?



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