Customizing Webhook Payload Format


The user is looking to customize the format of the payload received from webhook calls to include specific data fields. They want the payload to match a specific JSON structure as provided in the message.


Hello, I have a requirement to get webhook call whenever a sync job has succeeded or failed.
Using the webhook, in the payload I get the data in the format suitable for a slack message.
However, it does contain the timestamps of the sync, and other essential details,

I want to get the data on webhook request in a format similar to this:

    "data": {
        "workspace": {
        "bytesEmittedFormatted": "1000 B",
        "bytesCommittedFormatted":"90 B",
        "durationFormatted":"1 hours 0 min"
I am not able to find the way to change the payload to be received from the webhook to the above format.
The docs mention that the data on webhook calls would be in the above format:

Is there any way to get the information mentioned above in the payload of the webhook request?



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