Datatype mismatch issue with BigQuery connectors


Airbyte is transforming datatype OBJECT to JSON instead of RECORD in BigQuery connectors, causing datatype mismatch issues.



I am working on extracting data out of bigquery (X instance) and put the data into bigquery( Y instance) . Problem I am facing is the datatype mismatch, airbyte tends to transform datatype OBJECT to JSON while it should be RECORD. This is causing a lot of problem in handling datatypes. Any fix for this?

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hey <@U05GZES00KV> I am facing a similar issue where my source is something else, but I think the new bigquery destination connector creates JSON type columns for all source. All I could find is to used JSON_VALUE to extract columns from this JSON.
Anyone else with a better solution?

I wrote a UDF function to dynamically handle this