DB Already refreshed. Want to use Airbyte for enabling CDC and Future loads

Dear Experts,

We have Source DB and Destination DB already in place. This implementation was done using SSIS. Now we want to switch to Airbyte for incremental/CDC refresh only. Is it possible? Or is it mandatory to have Airbyte as initializer?
Full Refresh is already done using SSIS. Now only incremental/CDC refreshes i want through Airbyte. Please Guide.


No, you must use Airbyte from the initial load.

I tried replicating the behavior as well.

I created all Airbyte_Raw tables. Capturing emittime, airbyteid etc… still it requires initial load?

Do we have a way to bypass the Raw tables being created by Airbyte? Can we fully utilize CDC feature instead??

Even with CDC you must run a full refresh sync the first time Younus, I don’t think it’s possible to bypass this step.