Decoding XML response in low code CDK


Determining if XML response can be decoded in low code CDK or if only JSON format is supported


<@U04SE163WC8> can we decode xml response in low code cdk or we need only json format

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The low-code framework of Airbyte, including the connector builder UI, is primarily designed to work with JSON-based HTTP APIs as a source of records. This is mentioned in the Connector Builder Intro in the Airbyte documentation. However, if the data returned by the API is not formatted as JSON, but in another format such as XML, you can use the Python CDK to handle it. This is mentioned in the Connector Builder Compatibility Guide. In a forum post, a user asked if there’s a way to parse a response containing an XML body in CDK with Python. A support agent responded that you can overwrite the current read_records to read XML instead of JSON. However, as of now, there isn’t any tutorial or guide showing how to do this. So, while it’s possible to handle XML data with the Python CDK, it might require more manual coding compared to handling JSON data with the low-code framework.