Defining session token path as header in UI Low-code connector builder


How to define a session token path as the header ‘Set-Cookie’ in the UI Low-code connector builder


In the UI Low-code connector builder, does anyone know how to define a session token path as the header: “Set-Cookie”? I have tried doing headers[“Set-Cookie”] and that hasn’t worked (as well as a few other methods)

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, the Session Token Path is defined as an array of values to form a path into the session token retrieval response which points to the session token value. However, there is no specific mention of how to define a session token path as a header like “Set-Cookie”. In the example provided in the documentation, the session token path is set to id to point to the session token value in the response body. If you’re trying to extract the session token from the headers of the response, it might not be directly supported by the current implementation of the Session Token Authenticator. I would recommend checking the Airbyte documentation or reaching out to the Airbyte community on Github or Slack for more specific guidance.

Hi James, unfortunately session token path can only point into the response body today, so it cannot be pointed at a response header.

I will create an issue to track this feature request, thank you for reporting it