Deprecation of last_records interpolation variable in low-code framework


Introducing breaking change in low-code framework to deprecate last_records interpolation variable and replace it with last_record and last_page_size variables for better memory usage.



We’ll introduce a breaking change in the low-code framework to allow for better memory usage.

The last_records interpolation variable that can be pointed to from the CursorPagination component is being deprecated and replaced by

  • last_record: pointer to the last record read
  • last_page_size: Size of the last page of records

These two new variables can be used to replace your usage of last_records without needing to keep all records in memory.

Please update references to last_records. Most changes should look like

  • {{ last_records[-1] }} -> {{ last_record }}
  • {{ last_records | last }} -> {{ last_record }}
  • {{ last_records.size() }} -> {{ last_page_size }}
  • {{ last_records|length }} -> {{ last_page_size }}
  • {{ if last_records }} -> {{ if last_record }}

The last_record and last_page_size variables were already introduced in 0.78.4. Support for last_records will be removed from the CDK within in the next 2-3 weeks.

We’ll help Cloud users migrate, but you’ll need to manually update your connectors if using the self-hosted Airbyte platform.

Let me know if you have questions!

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