Deserialization issue when writing data from Postgres to Snowflake


The user is facing a deserialization issue when trying to write data from a Postgres table to Snowflake. The error message indicates a failure in deserializing a PartialAirbyteMessage.


Hey community,
I am reading data from a Postgres table, with two string fields, and trying to write it on Snowflake. I have a deserialization issue on the destination with this message

  "failureOrigin" : "destination",
  "failureType" : "system_error",
  "internalMessage" : "java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to deserialize PartialAirbyteMessage.",
  "externalMessage" : "Something went wrong in the connector. See the logs for more details.",
  "metadata" : {
    "attemptNumber" : 3,
    "jobId" : 15755,
    "from_trace_message" : true,
    "connector_command" : "write"
Have you ever seen something similar? Can you hint me how to debug better this kind of issues? Logs don't give any extra information related with the error.
Thank you!



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