Destination-elasticsearch really implementing the full_refresh - overwrite sync?

I’m experimenting between the different syncModes and I would have imagined if I ingested 100 records into Elasticsearch and I had the sync set to full_refresh - overwrite, then when I ran the sync again it would delete the index and ingest the same 100 records? However, I get 200 records in the index.

I’m running version 0.1.3.

Taking a quick look through the code (Maybe around here: airbyte/ at 09aa685aadbb6dc45f66b2c87d4c13af9b88e6b2 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub), I didn’t see it delete the index based on syncMode.

Wanted to check with people that might know more because the docs say that the full_refresh syncMode is supported.

Thanks for reporting this Ryan I opened the issue to solve the issue.