Destination-Redshift: Destination not connecting for the Redshift Serverless data warehouse

I can’t seem to add as a destination the Redshift Serverless data warehouse. I am running airbyte in an ec2 instance which is part of the same VPC on which the Redshift Serverless data warehouse operates.
I tried with and without passing the port and db name to the host url, but none worked. Passed the port, db name and schema name to the respective fields, but nothing happens and the attempt to connect times out.

Also, worth noting, the Redshift connector does not mention the serverless version of Redshift, but it implies that the cluster version is being used.

Please let me know if it is working for you, and if yes, what valuable info that can help me can you share with me

Thank you

Are you able to access the serverless Redshift using another tool like PgAdmin?

I got to solve this, apparently I was missing the inbound rule to allow access to the default port Redshift Serverlesss uses, 5439 , so I modified the security group attached to the Workgroup to allow this port.

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